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OSS Health: Rendering Support to the Healthcare Structure (or) The Backbone of the Orthopaedic medical Structure

Joseph Alhadeff, President & CEO
The advancements in medicine that the 21’st century man has come to witness collectively paint a promising picture that projects a future that could put the human species on the pedestal of immortality. The medical prowess that the world possesses today has truly re-defined the very basis of human existence. Short of finding a cure for AIDS and Cancer, medicine coupled with technology has found an answer for every possible health issue that ails the human world. Advancements in the field of medical surgery have also increased the average life expectancy around the globe. Orthopaedic surgery in particular has been under a state of overhaul over the past decade mostly to necessitate the constant demand for orthopaedic care that has been riddling hospitals and healthcare centres for just as long. The federal government’s initiative to change the medical reimbursement structure from a volume based model to a value based one has further complicated things for all healthcare organizations across the U.S. Most of this comes from the lack of proper measures to gauge the health of a country. Despite these issues the U.S.spends more towards medicine and healthcare than any other country in the world. This creates a demand for a healthcare system that is both effective and provides transparency of cost and management for hospitals. Such a system would enable patients to procure healthcare services at optimal prices without burning a hole in their pockets. Despite a strong push for transparency, the American healthcare structure remains divided on the issue.

Delivering a New Edgeto Orthopaedic Medicine

Today price is often the differentiating factor for patients in choosing the right hospital for their medical needs. Pennsylvania based healthcare organization OSS health has been at the forefront of providing cost effective healthcare services bearing in mind the cost burdens that patients might incur while procuring medical aid. Originally conceived as an orthopaedic practice under the same name in 2005, OSS has branched out into several other sectors of healthcare such as podiatry and rheumatology.

The organization started out as aorthopaedic surgery group in South Central PA. Face with a rapidly growing demand for orthopaedic services that was not adequately being met by the local hospital system, the physicians of OSS Health began plans to build an Orthopaedic Specialty Hospital. In 2010 OSS orthopaedic hospital took shape as a four operating room, 30 bed facility in York, PA. The organization’s first objective was to create a hospital environment that puts patients before money and focused on delivering optimal care to them. “The physicians of the practice worked with the administrators and the nurses to develop systems that made sense and put patient first – something that is often lost in large hospital systems,”elaborate the physicians at OSS. Distinguished as a physician owned and operated health system, OSS is able to address all aspects of a patient’s visit to their hospital, through the expertise rendered by the various doctors at their disposal. Over the years OSS has expanded its area of expertise to related branches of medicine eventually incorporating as a health system in 2012.

A Self Reliant Health System for the Public

OSS’s incorporation as a health system has helped to improve the quality of the healthcare services provided. On the contrary, its metamorphosis has paved way to more efficient and cost effective services that can be provided to hundreds of patients everyday, while also allowing them to provide each patient the unique attention that they so deserve. As an established health system, OSS is also able to reach out to the community to offer laboratory services just as it does to its patients. Even though OSS today specializes in podiatry, rheumatology, internal medicine and some general surgery services, its primary focus remains orthopaedics and the organization has equipped itself with state of the art equipment required to provide orthopaedic treatment. OSS offers a full set of radiology services which includes, MRI, CT scan, ultrasound, DEXA scanning for bone density and digital radiography. OSS was one of the first groups in the country to offer an Orthopaedic urgent care centre that is operational all seven days of the week.
OSS’s physical therapy and home health agency enables the organization to offer a full spectrum of services to treat patients throughout the care cycle for most orthopaedic problems. “Our patient experience scores measured by CMS and Press-Ganey have consistently been in the top one percent of the nation since we became operational,” says Dr. Joseph E. Alhadeff, MD, one of the orthopaedic surgeons at OSS.

OSS’s initiative to uplift the healthcare structure in Pennsylvania has provided support to local self funded employers and has aided them in saving substantial amounts of money. OSS offers a new alternative to traditional self funded plans enabling them to realize significant cost savings for their employees. OSS’s services are designed to provide equivalent or higher quality orthopaedic care at a much lower price point then the other hospitals in the region.. While most hospitals and healthcare centres offer such services, OSS’s contribution to this end in the niche field of orthopaedics often proves to be invaluable. By either encouraging the companies pay the patient’s out of pocket expenses or eliminating the deductible, OSS enables companies to cut down orthopaedic expenses for their employees’ needs by sometimes more than50 percent. This creates huge savings for local employers on the healthcare expenditures, irrespective of the size of their enterprises. This will be crucial for companies if they are to cope with the ever increasing price of healthcare in the years to come.“It is going to be imperative for companies to better manage their health care expenditures and the coming years if they want to remain competitive,” reiterates Alhadeff.

Extending Healthcare Support across the Nation

Having been rated as one of the most cost effective healthcare groups for orthopaedics, OSS has established its name across the country as a go to hospital for procuring quality orthopaedic services at low costs. To make itself more accessible, OSS has established a domestic medical tourism initiative wherein patients from across the nation travel to York, PA to undergo orthopaedic treatment or surgery which would cost them much less even after taking into consideration the travel costs that they might incur getting there. Its dedication to the well being of its patients and its innovative methods of delivering effective treatment while cutting costs have earned the hospital the highest ratings forpatient experience scores, infection rates, readmission rates and positive outcomes.

Being a physician owned and operated hospital OSS spares no expenses in procuring the best in market equipment and updating their existing ones for orthopaedics.OSS is also constantly scouring the country for accomplished and proficient physicians in orthopaedics who can complement the medical services provided at the hospital. This attitude towards recruiting has also enabled the group to maintain a roster of highly trained orthopaedic surgeons who can provide the most up to date and cost effective care.. “We need people that are interested in a continual change process and always looking to improve the quality of care that we are providing and the atmosphere in which we are providing it,” says Alhadeff.

Fostering the Future of Orthopaedics

Over the past decade OSS has worked towards various advancements in orthopaedics and has been able to derive several positive results. OSS has always been supportive towards the concept of electronic medical records, which the group has been implementing since its inception in 2005 and can be recognized as a fully electronic hospital. OSS is currently looking to expand its area of expertise to include newer technologies that are surfacing today. Wearable technology is one such frontier that the group intends to focus on in the years to come. Wearable technology even though still in its development stage holds several prospects for the field of healthcare. OSS intends to make use of this technology to remotely monitor the progress of its patients after surgery, avoiding the need for the multiple visits that they are required to take to the hospital. Its service to the medical community has earned the OSS several awards which include the Beacon of Excellence and Pinnacle of Excellence Awards, Outstanding Patient Experience Awards, 5 star awards for Hip replacement, knee replacement, joint replacement, back surgery and patient safety and Highest Rating for Safety and Quality among others. Its numerous accolades have earned OSS wide spread recognition around the country and has aided in establishing its name in the medical community. With over a decade of experience under its belt, OSS now intends to expand its services and the volume of procedures done to retain its position as a top destination for Orthopaedic medicine. The group’s undeterred focus towards pushing the boundaries of Orthopaedic medicine would fuel OSS’s growth in the years to come. “We would like to become one of the highest volume joint replacement hospitals in our state and region,” concludes Alhadeff.

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