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RxNT: Leveraging IT to Drive Healthcare Delivery

Randy Boldyga, President & CEO
The cost and complexity of IT implementations in healthcare often acts as a deterrent to hospitals and medical practitioners; IT deployments often necessitate a significant work process and cultural change. Lately, however, healthcare providers are realizing the benefits of Information and communication technology (IT) and are investing heavily in technology enablement, in order to garner benefits of technology. According to reports, in the first quarter of 2014, nearly $700 million was invested in health technology—an 87 percent year-over-year jump in spending. They obviously understand that IT can create an 'Information Infrastructure' to ease access to vital information, support evidence-based decision making, and improve health care delivery. One of the key elements in the scheme of things is electronic prescription processing, which helps front line clinicians as well as patients save time and money and pharmacists avoid misunderstanding of medications prescribed. Randy Boldyga, President & CEO, RxNT, comments, “We have concluded that E-prescribing is a stepping stone for practitioners who maintain electronic medical records.” Randy, a seasoned professional, understands that the need for deployment of new technology in healthcare is dire and that web-based products are a growing opportunity especially in the healthcare industry. So in 1998 he founded RxNT with an intent to revolutionize electronic prescription process.

Operating from Annapolis, Maryland, RxNT offers innovative practice management, electronic health record (EHR) and electronic prescribing solutions to medical practitioners. Its flagship product, RxNT|PM, is built on an advanced IT platform utilizing the fastest and most reliable data structures and programming languages.
The state-of-the-art solution has the functionality to manage front office functions such as scheduling, verification of benefits, patient check-in and check-out and also back office functions such as billing, A/R, customized patient statement cycling, practice analysis, powerful reporting in one system.

The practice management system also works well for practices that chose to outsource back office functions to a third-party billing vendor to streamline their workflow. RxNT|PM even has central billing office features that make it an attractive solution for billing vendors to purchase directly. Apart from that, the company’s RxNT|EHR and RxNT|ERX products seamlessly integrate with RxNT|PM to create a complete solutions suite. RxNT|EHR is designed to allow practitioners reliable, fast, and efficient mobile access to patient records, detailing patient encounters, medication history,allergies, family history, vitals, and immunizations.

RxNT firmly believes that quality of healthcare delivery is only as good as the healthcare IT expertise supporting it

RxNT firmly believes that quality of healthcare delivery is only as good as the healthcare IT expertise supporting it. The company’s every product, which comply with industry leading certifications from notable groups such as ONC and Surescripts, integrate and enable practitioners with an easy to use, dependable, mobile, fast, and efficient system. RxNT maintains high standards of service obligation while providing support to its client’s during data integration with third-party systems. Its team of experts assists customers and provides 24/7 support. RxNT’s ability to deliver high quality products and best-of-breed solutions at a very reasonable and optimized price places the company as the leader in the segment in which it operates.Envisaging the company’s goals Randy states, “We aim to deliver one of the most cost-effective and highest quality products in IT healthcare market.”With a robust portfolio of quality healthcare products that are flexible, efficient and yet cost effective, RxNT envisions to remain ahead of the curve in healthcare IT for the foreseeable future.

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